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Thought Leaders
Socially Responsible
Thought Leaders
Socially Responsible
Radical Transparency

Partnering with better-for-you brands that evoke purpose and passion.

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Cozy, beloved neighborhood cafe and bakery serving French baked goods.

Our Place

Cookware that inspires connection and celebrates the multi-ethnic American kitchen.


Acclaimed Japanese technology brand innovating the home.

Surya Spa

Authentic artisan Ayurvedic clinic helping guests find balance and health.

Brave Robot

Planet-positive ice cream and cake mix made possible by science.

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Krupa Team

Our Team

We are a team that believes in using our voices as publicists to do good in the world. We’re motivated by mission-driven food and wellness brands that want to make noise within their industry. We excel in launching recently revealed niche brands, while helping breathe fresh air into big heritage companies to reach new audiences.

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