The Goods Mart

The Ask

Krupa Consulting founder Rachel Krupa sought to create the first better-for-you, socially conscious convenience store – The Goods Mart. The Goods Mart strives to make healthier options more available to everyone as well as reinventing the C-store experience. In the explosion of modern day convenience stores, we’re separating The Goods Mart by creating a soul around the store and not only highlighting the physical goods sold in the store, but also the mission of The Goods Mart… To Do Good.

The Results

Krupa positioned The Goods Mart as a place you can trust to not only taste good, but is also affordable and easily accessible, not a luxury bodega. We lead with the mission statement and the drive to build community. We discussed how better-for-you options could still be affordable and celebrate the partners the store builds to further tell its story.

The Goods is shaking up the convenience store space and being featured in New York Times Style section to the cover of C-store trade press. Rachel recently spoke at NYC’s Decoded Conference and is speaking at Nosh Live to discuss Community Building and Accessibility.

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