Our mission is to use our work for the greater good.

Rachel Krupa standing near a sunny window.
Kirsten Anderson (CO)

“I love working with mission-driven brands that are using food/beverage as a catalyst for environmental change and, of course, getting to eat the best snacks and foods around.”

Celeste de Rubertis (NY)

“I am inspired about working with better-for-you clients that share values similar to my own. It creates a sense of alignment between my personal beliefs and professional responsibilities, making the work we do at Krupa so rewarding!”

Jasmine Ferrell
Jasmine Ferrell (NY)

“Working with Krupa, I’m given the opportunity to use my creativity and help our brand showcase all the good things our clients are doing. Nothing is more inspirational than hearing the missions of the founders and entrepreneurs we work with every day.”

Grace Florsheim (NY)

“I am inspired by working with sustainable and better-for-you brands that are making a positive change within the food and beverage space. I am grateful to be a part of a hard-working, supportive, and passionate team that makes coming to work each day both exciting and fulfilling.”

Kat Fucigna (NY)

“Through Krupa, I have the privilege of working with some of the most inspiring and groundbreaking brands in their respective industries, and I couldn’t feel more lucky. Getting to work side-by-side with these industry leaders, along with the incredible Krupa team, to elevate brands and products that are truly making a difference is the best motivator and what makes this work so fulfilling.”

Taylor Hirz
Taylor Hirz (NY)

“It’s a real privilege to support the many wonderful emerging food and wellness brands we work with at Krupa. Every one of the founders and teams we get to call clients have a powerful mission to guide them and a unique story to tell, it’s incredible motivating and inspiring!”

Tanja Krupa (NY)

“Our clients are wholeheartedly all in with not only making a difference, but also changing the way our world works — the paradigms of wellbeing, how we care for our Earth, the food system, and how we build companies from the ground up in ethical, inclusive ways. I am deeply grateful for my experiences of working with and writing alongside such inspiring humans.”

Callee Rome (NY)

“Working at Krupa has allowed me to tell the story of impactful emerging brands with greater purpose and exciting, revolutionary offerings. It’s rewarding to fulfill my passion for shaping narratives of wellness-centric, eco-conscious industry names each day.”

Meredith Sherbin (NY)

“I am motivated and passionate about working with better-for-you brands and positive and supportive people. The energy at Krupa inspires me to work hard and to do my best, every single day.”

Meredith Sidman
Meredith Sidman (NY)

“I am inspired by working with founders who care, and brands that are committed to doing better for you and the planet. We’re part of building each product—whether that’s mission-driven cookware, a groundbreaking mental health platform, or a life-changing chocolate chip cookie—and it’s exciting and fulfilling to be able to introduce these brands to the world.”

Lindsey Wade (NY)

“I am inspired by working with clients who are bringing positive change and delicious fun to the food and beverage world. At Krupa, introducing these better-for-you brands alongside such a hardworking and passionate team makes every day fulfilling.”