We want to use our voices as publicists to do good in the world.

With her finger on the pulse of better-for-you brands, Rachel Krupa is changing the conversation of what it means to be a PR agency. Founder of Krupa Consulting, which launched in 2010, and clean-convenience store concept The Goods Mart, which opened its doors in 2018, Rachel’s 20+ year PR tenure—think D.C. politics, major league baseball, working for 5 years with PR veteran Lizzie Grubman, and opening Berk Communication’s first West Coast office—has made her a force in the food and wellness industries, navigating brands within the culinary, hospitality and wellness landscapes.

As the founder of The Good’s Mart, Rachel has deep insights into a brand’s success from price point to packaging to marketing language that truly works (and sometimes doesn’t). The Goods Mart gives her and the Krupa Consulting team a unique advantage in crafting strong storytelling, strategic social consciousness, and intentional partnerships.

Rachel’s work as a leader in cleaner food and wellness iterations has garnered her features in Fast Company, Marie Claire, New York Times, and Vogue, among others. Rachel has graced Create & Cultivate’s annual list of forward-thinking women and she is an advisor for Food Tank and New American Kitchen.

Julia Adkerson Pena
Julia Adkerson Peña (LA)

“I am inspired by the incredible people we get to work with who are behind the brands that actually matter — setting out to make a difference in the world of consumerism whether it be from their supply chain, to the quality and conscious ingredients they putting out into their products for the benefit of their consumers or the environment.”

Johanna Albertsson
Johanna Albertsson (LA)

“I’m inspired by the innovation my clients bring into activities I love like cooking, snacking, hiking, and more! Their products make things more colorful, joyful, and beautiful, as well as giving back with mission-driven campaigns. I feel so proud to work with them!”

Kirsten Anderson (CO)

“I love working with mission-driven brands that are using food/beverage as a catalyst for environmental change and, of course, getting to eat the best snacks and foods around.”

Brooke Ballew
Brooke Ballew (LA)

“Having a roster of clients that are creating products that are not only better for you, but are better for the planet too, inspires me on a daily basis! It’s so rewarding to work with brands that give back in so many ways.”

Jasmine Ferrell
Jasmine Ferrell (NY)

“Working with Krupa, I’m given the opportunity to use my creativity and help our brand showcase all the good things our clients are doing. Nothing is more inspirational than hearing the missions of the founders and entrepreneurs we work with every day.”

Lauren Flanagan (NY)

“I love working with clients who are looking to do good in the world, whether that’s via delicious ice cream, revolutionary technology or a really comfy sweatshirt that gives back to those in need. Makes you feel good to know you’re helping to make even a tiny difference in the world, for the better, during the workday!”

Maddie Klutch (NY)

“I’m inspired by my clients + their mission-driven brands as they strive for inclusivity and sustainability!”

Tanja Krupa (NY)

“Our clients are wholeheartedly all in with not only making a difference, but also changing the way our world works — the paradigms of wellbeing, how we care for our Earth, the food system, and how we build companies from the ground up in ethical, inclusive ways. I am deeply grateful for my experiences of working with and writing alongside such inspiring humans.”

Mya Miller
Mya Miller (NY)

“I am inspired by the fact that every client Krupa aims to be better: better for the planet, better for our communities, and better for you as a consumer. It inspires me to follow in their footsteps by being a more conscious consumer and supporting brands whose values represent my own.”

Kelsy Ralph (LA)

“What inspires me most about my clients are the stories that got them to where they are today. All of our clients are incredible and some of the best brands and founders out there, but it’s the journey, adversity and perseverance each of them has endured to get to the brands we know and love today that motivates me!”

Kaylee Richards (LA)

“I’m inspired by getting to work with people who want to make a difference in our world. Our clients truly want to make the world and people’s lives better, and I love getting to be a part of each of their missions.”

Camille Rogers
Camille Rogers (NY)

“I find inspiration in uplifting the unique stories of our clients and witnessing them strive to make a difference.”

Meredith Sherbin (NY)

“I am motivated and passionate about working with better-for-you brands and positive and supportive people. The energy at Krupa inspires me to work hard and to do my best, every single day.”

Meredith Sidman
Meredith Sidman (NY)

“I am inspired by working with founders who care, and brands that are committed to doing better for you and the planet. We’re part of building each product—whether that’s mission-driven cookware, a groundbreaking mental health platform, or a life-changing chocolate chip cookie—and it’s exciting and fulfilling to be able to introduce these brands to the world.”